Skype Guidance Card Reading

We know that uncertainty about the future can make recovering from physical pain and emotional trauma difficult. This uncertainty often increases stress and negative energies, which exacerbate the conditions that our clients come to us for guidance. To help our clients feel more secure and prepared for future events, we offer online Guidance card readings.

Our Guidance readings employ the 6 card spread method, which provides our clients with a good overview of the issues and events currently affecting their lives. The readings also give clarity of the direction of your life and changes that needs to be made.

We conduct our online Guidance card readings using Skype video chat, allowing clients from all over the world to benefit from the wisdom of the Guidance cards. Our sessions include 30-minute to 40-minutes in-depth readings. Upon request, we can offer spiritual guidance on how to understand, cope with and prepare for what our readings uncover.

Payment for the online Guidance card readings is accepted via the secure payment service of PayPal.

If you are interested in a reading, complete the request form below and we will contact you.

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Guidance Card Reading