Community Work

kirkintilloch ladies choirAladin is recognized and acknowledged for her unique way of advising people on health and well-being issues and outstanding success. She was once involved in Community TV shows, where she was advising listeners on health and well-being issues. apart from these achievements, Aladin is also very active in supporting the community and raising funds for charity work.

Aladin’s success in funds raising made her to join various charities to raise funds and one of her volunteer work was when she joined to raise funds for the Children in Need with the organization of Marie Curie foundation. Been an inspiring and motivating to volunteer she never stopped there, she has endorses and provides strategic guidance for Children in need, and never give up to be supportive.

In addition, having been born in Kirkintilloch she also spends time trying to make a difference within Kirkintilloch. She is in a Ladies Choir and they do regularly concerts to raise money for charity and the most deprived children in rural Kirkintilloch and around the surrounding areas.

She never stopped there, she has many years worked with Malawi charity raising funds for them and the deprived children, and she is involved in Malawi Charity Fashion shows every 2 years to raise money for the Malawi which is organized by Strathclyde University.

In 2015, she was involved in Bengali Heritage, where the Bengali community working with other communities did some workshops such as yoga, cooking classes and health and well-being. As a volunteer, she was involved in holding meditation classes and advising the community how to stay healthy. Not only that, she financially supports and provides meals for less deprived children. Feeling this was insufficient; she began to appeal to provide more long-term assistance to the people. She is always there to help people get their lives back on track.

Now one of Aladin’s biggest rewards in her life has been to learn how to love her uniqueness and celebrate her difference. With her natural positive attitude, a love for new challenges and excellent people’s skill, she knows how to achieve goals for human lives and improving the performance and health of organizations and people around her through keynote speaking, team building events and corporate health and well-being programs.