Aladin is a member of the registered Charity called Charity Education International (CEI).

CEI aims to work for the benefit of the poor and the underprivileged, providing Aladin's Collection - charity workopportunities for educational advancement, support for health education and facility, and relief of poverty though direct help and employment generation, and in furtherance thereof:

  • To implement appropriate selected education programmes and projects;
  • To promote greater awareness of the importance of education;
  • To assist in skill development through education and training;
  • To promote hygiene and sanitation, and provide medical help and support health education; and
  • To help in promoting adult literacy and poverty alleviation


Since its inception, CEI has been supporting various developments at Uttar Bangla College (North Bengal College) which has been helping the poor and the needy with educational advancement and skill improvement. Two new recent projects which CEI has also been supporting are Kakina Rural Health Centre (KRHC) and the Adult Literacy and Poverty Alleviation (ALPA) programme. All these three projects are located in northern Bangladesh (at Kakina in Lalmonirhat district).

It is the major CEI-supported project. Poverty and lack of educational opportunities go hand in hand. In equipping the young people, CEI is tackling the very roots of poverty. During the late 1990s, CEI helped to execute a youth exchange programme between Scotland and Uttar Bangla College. CEI has also organised and funded a number of visits of professional volunteers who have been engaged in staff development at UBC, particularly in strengthening English language skills.


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